Advice for rising seniors



The current GHS seniors are leaving, and that means it is time for the juniors to step up and take our place. There are a few things you should know approaching senior year that I wish I knew before entering my last year at Gloucester High School.

1.Finish the common app and college apps ASAP.

This is a big one. It may seem easy to just plug all your information into the common app, but it is tedious. Put as much thought and care into your college essay as you can. Give yourself enough time to chose a prompt and write something that you will be proud to send to schools. Once you finish filling out your common app and the essay, there will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders and the process of applying to schools will be a breeze.

2. DO NOT let senioritis get the best of you.

Senioritis happens to everyone. It is almost impossible to avoid. However, you do not want it to get the best of you, trust me. You want your last weeks to be as fun and easy going as possible, not stressful and worrying about the work you put off doing.

3. DO try to get above a 90 in your classes.

I am sure you all know about this, but most teachers will not give you a final if you have above a 90 for the year in your classes. Again, you want to have an easy last week senior year, and studying for finals will definitely put a damper on that.

4.Make your senior year as memorable as possible.

You want your last year in high school to be as fun and positive as it can be! This is your last year in high school before everyone goes off to college so please, make as many memories as you can. Before you know it your last day will be here and you will be cleaning out your locker and walking out those doors for the last time. It will not feel real until it happens.

I wish you all the best of luck next year and hope you make every second count!