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Schools face steep cuts to close 3.1M budget gap: 41 positions targeted

Cyan Clements

Gloucester public schools is facing the potential loss of 41 positions to address a $3.1 million budget shortfall. 

With significant increases in out-of-district special education tuition and transportation, loss of COVID-19 Federal funding, and inflation, the projected cost to level fund schools for Gloucester’s students will be $55.85 million, up from the $49.74 million budget for this year. 

This change shows a $6.1 million or 12.3 percent increase in the 2025 fiscal year budget. 

According to Superintendent Ben Lummis, the school committee will fund an additional $3 million of the projected budget, however that still leaves a shortfall of $3.1 million to maintain level services. 

Level of Cuts = $1 million to $2 million

In his budget outlook, Lummis detailed initial areas targeted for cuts, which include Tier II Intervention supports, special education and related services, specialists and electives and reducing staff in one or more core academic areas district wide.  At the high school, the Medical Assisting and CVTE Exploratory launch will be postponed to September 2025. 

Level of Cuts – $2 million to $3 million

If the school district has to cut $2 to $3 million, Lummis’ budget slides show increased class sizes and reductions in art, music, business, physical education and technology at both the middle and high school.  Elementary cuts will include specialists, art, physical education, and emotional learning supports. Also on the chopping block is the “house” structure at O’Maley 

Targeted staff cuts include four positions from the preschool, four positions from Beeman, five positions from East Veterans, three positions from Plum Cove, four positions from West Parish, nine positions from O’Maley, eight positions from Gloucester High, and four positions from the district. These reductions total up to 41 staff members. 

The reductions add up to $2.3 million in savings. Lummis said the reductions are not just teachers but a broad range of positions. Some positions may be moved to be grant funded, while other positions held by staff members who leave or retire will not be filled. 

More savings can be found through lay-offs, moving services and support of grants, and reductions of instructional supplies and materials. 

The process to finalize notifying staff members was finalized last week.

The GTA and the administration will meet this week to discuss cutting employees with professional status. Principals and supervisors would then inform staff members and provide information on the next steps. 

On the week of April 29th, the administration will decide if more cuts are necessary based on talks with the city administration. May 7th is the deadline to inform any additional staff members with professional status of their elimination. 

A school committee meeting will be held on April 24th, with a public hearing for the budget scheduled for May 8th. The school committee will then hold a final vote on May 22nd to submit the budget to the Mayor and City Council.

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SOFIA ORLANDO, Editor in Chief
Sofia Orlando is a senior at GHS and is Editor in Chief for The Gillnetter. She is a member of the National Honors Society (NHS) and has won awards for her accomplishments regarding world history and journalism. In her free time, Sofia can be found baking, hanging out with friends and family, walking around town, or watching any of her favorite movies. She also has a fraternal twin sister! You can contact her with any questions or story ideas at: [email protected]
Cyan Clements
Cyan Clements, Staff Writer
Cyan Clements is a senior at GHS and is a second year writer for The Gillnetter. She is a honors student and takes pride in being the resident artist for the newspaper. Outside of school, Cyan enjoys drawing, trying new hobbies, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys collecting various different things, such as albums and dolls. You can contact her at [email protected]

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