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The Gillnetter

The Gillnetter

They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships., 2006

Howard Blackburn : A hero outiside time

Isaac Ramalho, Contributor June 13, 2024

Blackburn's story If you grew up in Gloucester, or maybe even in an East Coast fishing family, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Howard Blackburn. An old story your friends or family might’ve...

Ava Orlando depicts the plight of the Gloucester High School humanities curriculum.

Oh, the humanities!

SOFIA ORLANDO, Editor in Chief June 7, 2024

Throughout my years at GHS, I have had the pleasure of immersing myself in rigorous academic courses. From AP classes to journalism and other creative electives, I have certainly had a successful and entertaining...

Why GHS should have a gardening class

Why GHS should have a gardening class

ALEXIS GEARY, Contributor June 4, 2024

Do you know where the food you eat comes from? Do you know the conditions necessary for a tomato plant to yield the best possible fruit? If you haven’t, don’t feel bad: many people haven’t. The more...

Opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Games dumps balloons on the crowd.

The argument for a permanent Olympic island

FINN WALL, News Editor May 21, 2024

The Olympics - an event so major, it hardly needs introduction. Every two years alternating between Winter and Summer Games, billions of eyes around the planet tune in to watch great feats of strength,...

Pen and marker drawing by Sophia Montello.

Gloucester needs community land trusts

ELEANOR MELVIN, Contributor April 3, 2024

At the forefront of every political debate, article, and petition there seems to be a singular topic of contention in Gloucester. It is the deciding vote for mayor and the focal point of the local newspaper....

Students forced to park on grass curbs in student parking lot

A Predicament with Parking

LEXI THOMAS March 29, 2024

Entering the Student parking lot at 7:17 am you may encounter a plethora of problems: dodging students, making way for CATA buses, and almost spilling your morning Dunkin'. The issue of "claiming" a parking...

Joe Biden delivers his State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol, Thursday March 7, 2024, in Washington, D.C.

Biden’s SOTU speech shows clear distinction between candidates

HAVEN DOUD, Contributor March 26, 2024

Last Thursday, President Biden delivered his annual State of the Union, as required by the Constitution.  Despite repeated heckling from Republicans, I would argue that the President made an effective...

Ava Orlando depicts the casting aside of social media into the metaphorical garbage.

The case for deleting social media

HENRY HARRISON, Contributor February 27, 2024

Social interaction and human connection are essential to being a functioning member of society. If we don’t connect with each other, we will leap into loneliness, dive into depression, and spring into...

Watercolor and pen representation of a bathroom with a basket of period products

Periods are hard. Here’s how schools can make them easier.

SCARLETT BERGE, Contributor February 26, 2024

Menstruation is an inconvenience to say the least; often painful and uncomfortable, especially at a young age and in a school setting, and especially considering the constant stigma and embarrassment attached...

Artist Cyan Clements depicts a silhouette with a target on its chest

The U.S. has a gun problem

AVA VIDAL, Contributor February 15, 2024

Everyone at Gloucester High School has sat through an ALICE drill. Everyone has felt the unease in the bottom of your stomach, even though you know it’s not real. Everyone has wondered what they would...

The cover for Jon Harts novel, Party School.

Book review: Jon Hart’s “Party School” misses the mark

SOFIA ORLANDO, Editor in Chief January 26, 2024

With the college admissions season in full swing, it is no surprise that prospective college students will have to indulge themselves in literature of all kinds. However, the one book they may not be expecting...

Ava Orlando gives her depiction of the new Minnesota flag flying in the wind.

To Redesign or not to Redesign: Flags, Representation, and the Culture War

FINN WALL, News Editor January 26, 2024

In a great victory for those who like legibility (and anti-racism), this past month, the Minnesota Legislature finally published their new design for the state flag. This new flag, which simplifies the...

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