Swim and Dive team better than ever


Mila Barry

Sophomore Seamus Buckley grins after completing his race at the Cape Ann YMCA this season.


Despite the pandemic, the GHS Swim and Dive team completed the meet season strong. Due to Covid-19, the team competed virtually with other schools. Both teams had the same event list, and swimmer times are compared to determine which team achieved the most points. The Meets were Live Streamed on the GHS Athletics Facebook page for spectators and parents at home to watch live. Regardless of a unique season, the team performed well. 

The dynamic of the season was very different from previous years. Typically we traveled to other pools or hosted other teams at our home pool for competition. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Conference permitted swim & dive teams to compete as long as we do so virtually, ”Coach Mercedes Lane said.  Following each team’s meet, the coaches connected online to compare times and calculate the final score. “This definitely changed the feel of the meets this season. There wasn’t the same competitive feeling that you get having the other team swimming right next to you. But, despite the changes, the GHS Swimmers put up impressive times and raced hard against each other.” said Mercedes.

Divers and swimmers alike made exponential point strides for the team. And with new racers and even more team spirit, the team swam well. Coach Mercedes says, “In general, the team has grown so much since its inception, and has really progressed so much more in the recent few years. We have very strong swimmers and divers who have been competing on the team for several years now, as well as some newbies with amazing talent and skill in the pool. My favorite part of this team is the supportive environment. All of the athletes, despite their speed or skill level, are an integral part of this team, and helped contribute points towards our final score. At the meets, you will find our swimmers clapping as loud as they can to support each of their teammates in every race.”

The team thrived, and with perseverance through strange times, and strong practices; GHS finished off with 5 wins, defeating Beverly (93-89), Danvers (97-89), Salem (98-66), Masconomet (103-83) and Peabody (98-83) out of the seven meets. Gloucester lost to Swampscott (71-112) and Marblehead (75-105). 

¨Amazing times and scores from all athletes at each of these meets! As I was comparing our times to the opposite teams’ swimmers,” said Mercedes. “There were some very close races. We look forward to facing these teams in person next season!”