Gloucester High’s Free Food Locker is now offering home delivery


Mila Barry

Grocery bags ready for pick up at the GHS free food locker.

MILA BARRY, Editor-in-chief

In partnership with the Open Door, the Health Center’s grocery program has been extended to all students this year. Now it’s easier than ever to get staple goods for your family before holiday break. 

“Home delivery breaks down the barriers to using the Free Food Locker”, said Karen Hurst, who facilitates the program, “It’s been a huge success!” 

Thinking about taking advantage of this opportunity? Read on for all the information you’ll need.

How do I order?

The Health Center has a Google Form which you must fill out to utilize the Food Locker. It asks basic questions (name, cohort, etc) all of which are kept confidential. It also asks which food items you would like and the options change weekly. You can choose as many or as few items as you wish. You can find the form here

You can also drop into the Health Center to order food. 

How do I pick up/receive my order?

Orders placed before noon on the Google Form can be picked up the same day. In person students should pick up at the Health Center, room 1214. The Health Center is open Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00-2:30. Remote students can arrange for curbside pick up in the circle entrance by the baseball field. 

Students can also opt for contactless home delivery by emailing Karen Hurst at, calling 978-281-3901, or checking off the home delivery option on the Google Form.

What if I get to school and I’m ridiculously hungry and I just want a snack? 

The Health Center has you covered! With permission from your teacher, you can stop by anything to grab a juice box, granola bar, or other snack to get you through the day. 

What kinds of food does the Free Food Locker offer?

The menu is updated weekly. Here are the offerings for the week on 12/14.

Special K Original Cereal12 oz

Raisin Bran Cereal 18.7 oz

Peanut Butter – 18 oz. Jar

Penne pasta – 17.6 oz bag

Pasta sauce – (low sodium) 28 oz can 

Pasta sauce – 15 oz can

Spaghettios 15.8 oz can 

Macaroni and Cheese 7.25 oz

Chicken soup – Campbells 10.25 oz

Chicken – white chunk – 10 oz can

Tuna 5 oz can

Whole Corn Kernel can 15.25 oz

Diced Carrots (low sodium) 15 oz can

Black beans 15.25oz can

Garbanzo Beans – Chickpeas (low sodium) 15 oz

1 lb. white rice

1 package of 6 @ 1 ounce snack boxes of Sunkist raisins

California Seedless Raisins – 15 oz box

Strawberry Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars (6 bars in box)

Apple Cinnamon Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars ( 6 bars in box)

6 – 4 ounces snack-sized applesauce cups

4 –  individual snack-sized diced peach cups

Diced Pears 15 oz can

Sliced Peaches 15 oz can

Mix of dried fruits and nuts 16 oz (1 lb)

Dried Cherries – 2 lb bag

Goldfish Original Snack 6.2 oz bag

Goldfish Baked with Organic Wheat 4 oz bag

4 – 6.75 oz Juicy Juice Orange juice boxes