What The Gillnetter did for me

What The Gillnetter did for me

GIANNA CABRAL, Staff Writer, Arts and Culture Editor

I never would have pictured myself where I am in a million years. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I did not join The Gillnetter three years ago, and here is why.

I was very hesitant to join Media and Publications because I was terrified that I would have to interview people I had never talked to in person before. This was hard for me because I am a more reserved person than most people.

Once I started writing for the newspaper, I did not interview anyone for the first few months, even with the company of my experienced peers. Since joining, I have really come out of my shell and my public speaking skills have improved greatly.

This opportunity has helped me communicate with others. I am not always the best at holding a conversation, but I can articulate what I want to say if I write it out as opposed to opening my mouth.

Writing articles, especially op-eds, has given me an outlet to share my thoughts with the rest of the world, instead of keeping them to myself. Putting my thoughts on paper helps me make sense of what I am actually thinking. By publishing my thoughts, I hope that my words can relate to others and inspire anyone who reads it.

The Gillnetter has also allowed me to express my creativity. The content I have published has been honest and interesting because I was passionate about writing it. I have learned that there is always something to write, you just have to be open to letting the ideas come to you.

Teamwork is also a huge part of being a staff member. I am lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to work collectively with my classmates and with the best mentor and adviser I have ever had.

On top of being a staff writer and Arts and Culture Editor, I have contributed artwork to the newspaper, as well. I have always been an artist, but not a confident one. The Gillnetter has given me a platform to showcase my artwork and allow myself to build up the confidence I have always lacked.

Over the course of three years, I got to become a role model and leader. I am confident that my impact on the newspaper will keep it alive for many years after I graduate.

Although my articles may not have inspired everyone and I might not have saved the world, I have figured out who I am because of this experience. I have discovered a part of me that I didn’t know existed.

I am now a strong and confident writer because of the paper. I have found a way to talk about controversial topics and personal topics that aren’t so easy to talk about effectively. I have found a way to embrace my uniqueness, as well as openly sharing my hobbies of creating art and music.

But, this article isn’t just about how I have grown. I have seen my peers benefit from The Gillnetter as well. I have seen many staff members come and go, and I have seen all of them be passionate about something they have written. It is amazing to see all of their faces light up when they care about what they are writing and the reactions they get from the community.

You don’t have to be in the class to submit something. You don’t even have to be a writer to be a part of The Gillnetter. You can be a photographer or a copy editor. You can be anything your heart desires, as long as you put in the effort and dedication.

You have the ability to make an impact on your community and the world. Your opinion does matter, you just have to find an outlet for it. The newspaper is a great place to start.