Got blood? Donate.


MARIA KOTOB, Staff Writer, Editor

The holiday season is a time of giving, not just to your friends and family, but to those in need. Looking for a cheap, easy way to give back to the community this time of year and make an impact on somebody’s life? On Friday, December 15th GHS will host its annual blood drive where students and faculty can spend 40 minutes of their day to save a life.

If you are interested in donating, take the time to choose which donation you are comfortable with. One option is whole blood, where a pint of blood is donated with no modification to it. The second option is power red and is highly requested by Red Cross because of the lack of volunteers. The blood is sent through an apheresis machine to separate the red blood cells from the plasma and platelets, which are returned to the donor.

To donate, you must meet the conditions given for your safety, and the safety of those who receive the blood.

For men: If you are 4’10” you must weigh at least 118 lbs, 4’11” at least 114 lbs, and 5’ or taller must be at least 110 lbs.

For women: If you are 5’1” you must weigh at least 133 lbs, 5’2” at least 129 lbs, 5’3” at least 124 lbs, 5’4” at least 120 lbs, 5’5” at least 115 lbs, and 5’6” or taller must be at least 110 lbs.

If you are 16, you will need a parent to sign the permission slip. Students 17 and older do not require parental permission. Student athletes must check with their coaches before signing up to give blood. If you have had a tattoo in the last year, or if you have had unprofessional (at home) piercings, you cannot give blood.

They will also ask several questions about where you have traveled, and any illnesses you have had, to avoid spreading diseases within one’s blood.

In order to volunteer, either see Mrs. Menery-Sammataro in room 1213 or find Gabriella Machado or Emily Kenyon and they will assign you a time slot and give you a pass to give to your teacher.

If you donate on Friday make sure to follow the following rules before your time slot:

  • Get a good night sleep
  • Maintain your iron levels by eating iron rich foods the weeks previous, the night before,  and day of.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat breakfast the day of the drive.
  • Make sure to bring an ID with you and your permission slip (if required).

Save a life this holiday season by volunteering a fraction of your time to give. Your 40 minutes could prevent someone from losing a parent, family member, friend, or significant other.