DECA store opens with new changes


Gianna Cabral

Juniors Brianna Ferrara, and Sonya Zappa reopen the DECA store

GIANNA CABRAL , Staff Writer

The DECA store is facing major changes as it reopens this year. It was closed temporarily after administration said they could no longer sell food and drink products, but as of Friday, January 29, it is re-opened for business during all E-block lunches.

“This has hurt us, since the sale of our food and drink items helped us afford the spirit items (apparel) we wanted to sell to the school,” said DECA Adviser Ann Grassetti. “I believe that since the ‘senior store’ is selling these items and they did not want me to compete with them.”

“I, of course, disagree as a business teacher as I feel competition is a good thing. I could not argue since it was Dr. Anderson that told me I can no longer sell these items.”

“DECA is a business marketing class that competes in state and district competitions,” said student Sonya Zappa. “It puts you in real life situations.”

The store is also offering several great deals. If you buy a sweatshirt, you can get a scarf half off. If you buy a hat, you get a tumbler half off.

“It is expensive to buy merchandise, especially if it takes a while to sell since the company expects payment right away,” said Grassetti. “Hopefully we can put the money we make back into buying more merchandise since our goal is to fill up the store with spirit items and make a profit to help fund the GHS DECA program.”

This year, the store is selling:

Sweatshirts – $25

Hats – $15

Tumblers – $3

Graduation 2016 Bracelets – $15

Scarves – $5