Faculty talent show fun for all

GHS Film Club


The GHS faculty talent show drew a supportive crowd to raise money for The Sunshine Fund, and the class of 2017 last week. The event was organized by GHS math teacher and class adviser David DiPietro.

Even though the hosts promised not to banter, Shaun Goulart had other plans for the night.  Goulart gave a surprisingly good impression of Captain Jack Sparrow as he stormed the stage and demanded to co-host with Francis. This left Telles standing helplessly on the sidelines as Goulart compared him to Keira Knightly (Elizabeth) from the popular film “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The show kicked off with a performance of “Tiny Dancer” by Frankie Gentile, Albina Papows, Linda Petrino, Aurora Billante and Erin Brosnan.

Amy Geraghty and Ann Paganetti performed a comedy act of bad puns, which got the whole crowd laughing at the terrible jokes,that were so bad even the performers cracked up at them.

Michael Perreault sang a version of Camelot,  drew a strong reaction from Mr. Telles. “I couldn’t believe it was actually happening,” said Telles, “It blew my mind. That was the most memorable part of the evening for me.”

GHS librarian Samantha Whitney joined The Gloucester U acapella group led by Renee Dupuis,  as the performed a beautiful version of “Say Something” by A Great Big World. The performance tied for third place with Guisi Favazza’s  outstanding remediation of Adele’s, “Someone Like You.”

Michael Telles took the stage and performed a very different version of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean.” He showed diverse talent by not only singing, but playing the guitar and the harmonica, as well.

For those who loved his performance, you can now buy your very own Telles t-shirt as modeled by Francis, self-proclaimed as Telles’ biggest fan, during the show.

The senior school store will be taking orders for the shirts starting next week for $10. Depending on how they sell, more additions of teacher t-shirts will go on sale. All proceeds from the shirts will go to the Sunshine Fund.

Principal Erik Anderson showed a whole new side of himself when he literally rocked out in a rocking chair while performing Pinball Wizard. The best part of his act was when one of the judges called out Anderson for wearing a hat indoors and not having his ID “worn and visible”.

Michael Perreault took the stage again, this time accompanied by student Jack Favazza. The pair performed Feed Me from Little Shop of Horrors, which was good enough to win first place. “Performing with Jack was the most memorable part of the show,” said Perreault, “He is tremendously talented.”

First place wasn’t the only thing Perreault walked away with that night, since he also won the 50/50 raffle that benefited the Sunshine Fund. An ecstatic Perreault jumped up and down at the news, as it was the first thing he had ever won (besides also winning first place).

According to the hosts, the best act of the night was Ally Doody’s performance alongside Shaun Goulart and John Barry.

“Ally Doody saved Goulart’s performance.” said Francis.

The Brassholes, joined by Dave DiPietro, closed out the show with a delightfully dapper musical performance.  Music teacher Aaron Staluppi started on stage alone with his tuba and band students filed in one by one to add to his song.  They were dressed similar to a barbershop quartet, which was icing on the cake for this performance.

As far as the success of the show, all agreed it went well. Francis credits Telles for the successful evening. “Anything that Mr. Telles takes part of will be successful.”

“Even with some mistakes,” said Telles. “These event bring people together,”