“Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge” for Open Door

Freshmen Seth Maciel (right) stares down his competition, history teacher Shaun Goulart

Katelyn Moore

Freshmen Seth Maciel (right) stares down his competition, history teacher Shaun Goulart


In the face of lowering grades and rising homework load, some students would love nothing more than to peg their teachers with a dodgeball. Well, student council has now made that fantasy a reality. The annual student vs. faculty game has been changed; changed into three games that is.

Instead of the traditional basketball game, students will get to play against their teachers in dodgeball, volleyball, and floor hockey.

Gym teacher John Sperry came up with the idea because he wanted to get more students involved and try something different than the typical basketball game. He also understood that many students were bored with the idea.

“I was kind of done with it myself,” said Sperry.

Another reason behind this change was because of the need for non-perishable food items to give to the Open Door Food Pantry.

GHS students typically raise more than 1000 items by the holiday season; however, this year student council has been disappointed with the number of items. Currently GHS students have donated less than 200 items.

“The Open Door really counts on our help,” said senior Student Council adviser and Italian teacher Rayanne Menery.  “Especially during the holidays.”

So, to get more students involved, student council re-invented the student faculty game. Now all students can participate in their favorite games. Sign-up sheets will be in the school store, however you must donate at least two non-perishable food items to participate.

According to history teacher Shaun Goulart, students should be prepared for some fierce competition.

“The day has come for revenge on the student population in the form of rubbery dodgeballs,” said Goulart who reportedly has upped his game by eating an all protein diet. “In preparation I have been bench pressing Volkswagens.”

“I have the eye of the tiger,” Goulart went on to say. “Which I removed from the tiger myself.”