Fishermen football is ready for a winning season


Alexis Thomas

Fishermen bring it in after first scrimmage against Ipswich

ALEX LAINE, Sports Writer

After last year’s disappointing 2-9 season, Gloucester Football is looking forward to a big turn-around this season. Other than losing standout safety Aiden Cornetta, most of the Fishermen’s core is returning from last year. The team has been training with former strength and conditioning coach Mike Latoff this offseason, whom they haven’t had prior to this year. The number of players on the team has risen significantly since last year, with only a few more than 30 players participating last season.

“We’ve been doing Latoff workouts Monday, Wednesday and Friday and lifting on Tuesdays and Thursdays,”  offensive lineman Jayden Toppan said. “We didn’t have that before, and I think it has prepared us for the season.”

Injured quarterback Nick Carey watches from the sidelines as the team plays a scrimmage (Treely Dowd)

What to expect

The Fishermen will be looking to run classic Gloucester football with a strong offensive line led by Bryan Swain, Christian Howell, and the Toppan brothers, and their standout running backs Frank DeSisto and Caleb Decoste. Sophomore running back Nikko Thomas is also expected to have a strong season.

Gloucester has had multiple losing seasons in recent years; however they’re aiming high for the end goal this season.

“For us seniors, this season means more to us than any before. Most of us have been playing together for 8 years, and we don’t want to end our highschool careers with another losing season,” Captain Bryan Swain said. “The goal is the Superbowl, and I think we can go out there and win it.”

The Fishermen’s first game will be away at Hamilton Wenham on Saturday at 1pm.