Winning record on the horizon


Shannon McNally Lane

Junior Alex Enes runs to the outside on a sweep against Medford


The Fishermen have gone through three consolation rounds unscathed. They are on a 3-0 run and look to improve to an overall 6-5 record after Thanksgiving.

After swallowing a tough loss to Swampscott in overtime, Gloucester was denied a spot in playoff contention,. Since then, they embarked on a three game journey in the consolation rounds. The Fishermen played the Salem Witches at home winning 33-0.

Dracut was the next opponent. The Fishermen had never played them before in school history. Switching their game plan around and preparing themselves for The Midshipmen was not an easy task. The end result was a dominant 41-23 win.

The last step before Thanksgiving was a win over Medford. The Fishermen traveled to Medford expecting a balanced spread attack from The Mustangs. As it turned out,  the rushing numbers outweighed the passing numbers significantly. The Fishermen came out of the game with three interceptions and a strong 35-14 win.

Taking these three steps and trying to take the fourth, The Fishermen hope to improve their record to 6-5 on thanksgiving.  Some key things that The Fishermen need to do to beat The Falcons are blocking, tackling and pressure. Taking the basic fundamentals of the game and putting them all together is what will earn Gloucester the win.