Music department launches “Fisherman Fridays” podcast

OWEN HARDY, Staff Writer, Editor

The Gloucester High School Music Department, in partnership with The Gillnetter, has started a bi-weekly podcast, called “Fisherman Fridays”. The podcast will air every other Friday on the Music Department’s YouTube channel Gloucester High School Music

The podcast is hosted by senior Docksider member Tom Glenn, and it will feature a rotation of co-hosts from the music department, The Gillnetter, and other clubs and teams that represent the school throughout the year. Guests from all over the school will also appear on the show. 

“Fisherman Fridays is a show about anything and everything GHS related,” Glenn said. 

“Our main goal with the show is to showcase the various perspectives and points of view throughout the school. From freshmen to seniors, students to faculty, athletics to music, we want Fisherman Fridays to give a voice to anyone willing to talk on the show.”

“As the show continues to grow we hope more people will be interested in coming on the show as guests.”

The first episode of the podcast is now available on the GHS Music Department’s YouTube channel, which can be found here. We encourage everyone to subscribe to avoid missing any episodes of the podcast or anything else on the channel.