Intramural volleyball serves up a fierce first week

MILA BARRY, Staff Writer, Editor

The most greatly awaited sports season has begun again at GHS! This week and last, students and teachers battled for intramural ascendency, serving, spiking, ducking, and diving in their quest for the title of volleyball champ. 

This year there are twelve teams competing: Empire Spikes Back, Iron Curtain, Devil Dogs, Average Joes, Notorious FC, Italian Stallions, Abstinence, Freezers, SWAT Team, Sneak Attack, Censored, and Disaster Drill. The first games were after school last Monday. Teams have faced off in 20 minute matches everyday (except election day) since then.    

For those of who haven’t had time to drop in on a game, here’s a quick recap of games and standings. 

The most recent matches were held on Monday. See the scores below:

Disaster Drill 8, SWAT Team 25

Devil Dogs 25, Sneak Attack 21

The Freezers 13, Italian Stallions 25

Empire Spikes Back 18,  Notorious FC 25

SWAT Team 28, Sneak Attack 26

Abstinence 16, Iron Curtain 25

Average Joes 23, Empire Spikes Back 25

Notorious FC 25, Censored 20

Coming out of Monday, Empire Spikes Back has the most impressive overall stats; with a win-loss record of 7-1. Iron Curtain, Devil Dogs, Average Joes, and Notorious FC are all both close behind, each with records of 6-2. Italian Stallions boast the longest win streak (5 in a row), though many other contenders are staying stronger with streaks of at least 2. 

Today, there will be six match ups, the first beginning and 2:20 and the final at 3:00. Stop by the gym after school to check it out.                                                                        

2:20- Devil Dogs vs. Notorious FC  and  The Freezers vs. Disaster Drill

2:40- Italian Stallions vs. Censored  and  Empire Spikes Back vs. Sneak Attack

3:00- Iron Curtain vs. Average Joes  and  Abstinence vs. SWAT Team

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