Lattof retires popular running program


Caroline Muniz

Mike Latoff running his last pre-season conditioning workout


Coach Mike Lattof is officially retiring and concluding his conditioning program for student athletes.

Since it began in 1981, the Lattof running program has provided an intense and effective way for students to get into shape. It began with a few students on the beach and eventually grew to into an option for everyone in 1994. Since then, it has the average number of students that attends is between 50 and 100 athletes every session.

His unique training provided an option for student athletes to always stay in shape while also learning about team values. As it is open for everyone, the program was dedicated to making athletes more explosive in short distances and more athletic in general.

Lattof said he wanted to use his program to build athleticism and also character in his athletes, “The main focus of the program is called recovery time and we’re one of the few people in the country to do that.” said Lattof,  “It taught them that they can accomplish great things and be tremendous athletes.

Athletes who graduated from the program still have close relationships with Lattof and some even wrote letters of appreciation to him about the conditioning.

Senior Marc Smith has been in the program since he was in eighth grade, “The first thing it has done is put GHS athletes in the best shape possible to enter their seasons. We were always the team that could still give it 100% in the 4th quarter.” said Smith, “It taught us was discipline. We had to get up at 5:30 three days a week to make running at 6.”

The running program has received praise locally as well as nationally. It has been featured on ESPN twice and was voted best condition program for high school and small college.

“Who ever takes over as new head coach will set up their own program as far as what they want to do. I never did it just for football I did it for everybody, and I am not sure that program will do that”

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