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Five artists for your summer playlist

Lexi Thomas
Artist rendition of van playing summertime jams.

With the summer season mere days away, it’s time to defrost the warm weather playlist that can get you through any beach day, pool party, and more. From reggae to indie to country, music is a vital part of summertime as it gets one through a shift at work, a boring book, or even a draining workout. In order to maximize the enjoyment of any summer task, be sure to add these 5 artists to your warm-weather lineup.

Taylor Swift: 

Currently dominating the music industry, Taylor has been producing hit after hit. With 11 original studio albums and additional EPs, re-recorded and live albums, she offers a range of genres from pop to country and indie music. 

Arguably the most “summery” of her albums are “Lover” and “1989” with their synth-pop style. Her debut album, “Taylor Swift”, is a reminder of her previous country style which she has long since shed. Featuring “Our Song”, one of the most popular creations of her early career, Taylor’s first album is a vital addition to any warm weather playlist. 

Her versatility as an artist is what sets Taylor apart from many, and also makes her a solid addition to any beach day, as there are bound to be songs that cater to the different musical styles of each listener. 

Dominic Fike: 

He may be known for his portrayal of the character Elliot in the hit series “Euphoria”, however, Dominic Fike also has a successful music career. Since releasing his first album in 2018, Fike has created 4 albums total, ranging from hip-hop and rap to indie. 

Being from Naples, Florida, Fike’s summer style only seems fitting. His first album, “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos”, features songs such as the upbeat “3 Nights” and the indie-pop “Babydoll”. Fike’s second album, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”, offers more of his laid-back music, like “Wurli”. His use of soft, layered vocals is a prime reason for Fike’s growing popularity and a testament to his vitality as summer playlist material.

Zac Brown Band: 

Moving away from the pop style, Zac Brown Band offers a plethora of country music, some of which border on the reggae genre. With seven studio albums, the band offers a consistent style that often speaks of islands, boats, and love – the trinity of summertime. 

Often integrating the banjo and ukulele into their music, the band maintains the upbeat, beachy vibes that are associated with warmer weather. Their third album, “Uncaged”, released in 2012, offers a taste of their slight reggae style in songs such as “Jump Right In” and “Island Song”. Additionally, their first album, “The Foundation”, is the perfect playlist add-on with the songs “Where the Boat Leaves From” and “Toes”, whose lyrics make paradise not only a place but a feeling as well. 

Although country can be an acquired taste for many, Zac Brown Band’s blend of musical instruments and styles makes them the perfect candidate for any beach playlist. 

Bob Marley & The Wailers:

With their ska and reggae genre, this band is well-liked among all age groups. Having just had a movie made about him, Bob Marley remains a legend in the music industry, along with former member, Peter Tosh. 

The Wailers are likely the most consistent group on this list style-wise, as they rarely stray from their reggae roots. Although all of their albums are the perfect addition to any beach day, arguably the best is the “Exodus” album. Featuring the famous songs “Three Little Birds” and “One Love/People Get Ready”, the album is a must for fans of reggae. The “Confrontation” album released in 1983, is also home to hidden gems like “Trench Town”.

With many of The Wailers’ songs instilling positive vibes into those who listen, it’s no wonder the group remains a summertime staple to this day.

Jack Johnson

Today’s youth knows him as the man who created “Upside Down”, a song most notable for its use in the “Curious George” movie. However, Johnson has created numerous other hits throughout his career. 

Johnson’s use of the acoustic guitar is what gives many of his songs a laid-back, beach vibe. This is seen in his most popular album, “In Between Dreams”, released in 2005. Fan favorites such as “Better Together” and “Banana Pancakes” are featured on the album with their comforting lyrics that emanate a sense of nostalgia. 

Although many associate summer with upbeat pop music, Johnson’s soft rock style is perfect for naps by the pool, or reading on the sand. 

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About the Contributors
Santana Faria is a sophomore at GHS and a first year writer for the Gillnetter. She’s an honors student as well as an active member of the Student Council where she enjoys fundraising for her class. In her free time, Santana loves to read fantasy books, listen to music and nap. When she isn’t busy sleeping, you can contact her at [email protected]
Lexi Thomas
Lexi Thomas, Staff Writer
Lexi Thomas is a Junior at Gloucester High School, and a second year staff member for the Gillnetter. She enjoys writing creatively and can't wait to regularly publish! When Lexi isn't writing or getting caught up on schoolwork, she has been a Varsity Cheerleader for the past three seasons with no plans of stopping! Lexi is also an aspiring photographer who has made many appearances at all-level sports events.  She is very excited to be a jack of all trades this year on the Gillnetter staff and can be reached at

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