Teachers bowl in their “spare” time for a good cause


Shaun Goulart

Team Kobs. Placed 1st with score of 89.7.


Thursday the 15th marked the sixth annual GHS Staff Bowling Tournament, and with fifteen teams and a total of 87 bowlers, Team Kobs won the victory belt with a score of 89.7 points.

Team Kobs consisted of Dean of Students Chris Kobs, history teacher Shaun Goulart, softball coach John Nicastro, Athletic Director Bryan Lafata, baseball coach Rory Gentile, and the owner of Cape Ann Lanes, Caitlin Pszenny.

This year was a continuation of the intense rivalry between the teachers and the Gloucester Police teams. After three years in a row of victories for the team of cops, the belt has finally come home to a GHS team.

“The first year, Lieutenant Gossum was our [School Resource Officer], and he played with us,” said Goulart. “The second year he made a cop team, and they have since been the Yankees to our Red Sox.”

However, they were not far behind, with team Sutera placing second with a score of 87.7 points.

“You can never count out the cop team,” said Goulart. “Many years we felt like we had it in the bag early, but they always seems to rebound later in the event. We have a lot of fun ribbing each other, but in all honestly it is great to have them a part of the night.”

The event was held at Cape Ann Lanes in Gloucester, and this years funds were donated to The Sunshine Fund, a fund ran by language teachers Rayanne Menery-Sammataro and Carol Finnacey.

“The Sunshine Fund is an organization in the school to help any teacher who needs some sunshine in their life. It my be financially, or meals, or even the Think Pink event,” said Menery-Sammataro. “It brings a sense of community amongst the teachers and staff as well. We have been doing it for years, and I’m just proud of how generous all of the teachers and staff are.”

Menery-Sammataro also credits Finnacey for the fundraising work she has done for the fund.

“Ms. Finnacey is in charge of the who financial part, and I couldn’t do it without her. She is an incredible asset to this school.”

Goulart believes that bowling night is not just a financially beneficial to GHS.

“It is a good moneymaker, but it is also great for staff moral.”


Below are the results for the 2018 GHS Bowling Tournament:

1. Kobs 89.7
2. Sutera 87.7
3. Karvelas 79.1
4. Francis 78
5. P. Cook 75
6. Bonsey 73.8
7. Porter 72.7
8. Ulrich 72
9. Perreault 68.7
10. Menery 66.8
11. Destino & Tarr 66.6
12. Schneider 65.9
13. King 64
14. Cafasso 60.9