Tigerfish gymnastics team’s season is in full swing


Shilo McLeod-Abell

The 2015-16 Tigerfish gymnastics team

JOE KIBANGO, Staff Writer

The Tigerfish gymnastics team is tumbling into another season, and is in preparation to compete for a title once again.

This year the team is welcoming some new gymnasts, such as freshman Martina Gallo and senior Marisa Enes.

“I’ve done gymnastics my whole life and wanted to continue doing it, I like the people that are in it, especially my coach,” said Gallo. Gallo is following in the footsteps of her older sister Sofia, who graduated in June as a captain and was a Tigerfish gymnast for all four years.

For the new recruits, the gymnastic team is a unique opportunity to join a program that is different from the usual athletic programs most kids participate in.

The Tigerfish are a collaborative program with members from Rockport, Manchester, Gloucester, and Ipswich. They have practice three times a week at the Iron Rail gym in Wenham and competitions are once a week.

The team has seen a lot improvement over the last few years with the help of Helen Bess, but are now under the leadership of Kevin Carey.

“We didn’t do too bad last year, so I am confident we will improve and do a lot better this year“ said senior captain Lexi Zubricki, who joined the team as a freshman.

The team enjoys the individuality that comes with gymnastics the most. Not many students know about the team and they’re looking for kids who want to try something different and challenge themselves. If the weather permits, you can catch their next meet this Wednesday in Salem.