Students can’t park


Jenna Taormina

#its a jeep thing


We are all aware that there have been a lot of storms recently, but snow is not the only thing piling up – so are the cars in the student parking lot at Gloucester High School.

The sidewalks and streets have been covered with snow and ice, especially in the student parking lot. It has been difficult for students to find parking due to the huge piles of snow that covers up a lot of what used to be parking spots.

Things have been so chaotic that students have been creating their own spots, parking on snowbanks, and parking in between lanes.

“I take up two spots sometimes,” said Cam Reeve  “There is not enough of a full spot, and the way my truck is, no one can get by me if I use just one spot. It took me twenty-five minutes to find a spot one day.”

Things were so bad Monday,  students who did not park in an actual spot were asked to go outside and move their cars in the middle of the school day.

“We haven’t been in school for a week,” said GHS junior Sara Francis. “So I don’t understand why it hasn’t been plowed yet.”

Francis also said she has been getting up earlier to get a spot, but still struggles to find one.

Senior Bart Margiotta, has also tried arriving at school earlier than usual. “I got here at seven today,” said Margiotta. “And I still didn’t get a spot,”

This morning, Officer Scola sat in the parking lot making sure students parked in actual spots.

Without there being any other alternative for student parking, cars have been piled up all throughout the parking lot. This makes after school traffic even worse.

“I got here earlier today, and there were less parking spots than yesterday,” said senior Emma Paddock. “It is like Tetris. There is no way to see the lines”

With all of the snow there is no end in sight to the parking problems.

“All we need to do it stop parking perpendicular to the spots,” said senior Spencer Taft.  “Just be considerate and realize that other people need to park in the same lot.”