Gender Equity in STEM Group embarks on monthly field trips


Grace Topouzoglou

Darcy Muller and Olivia Hogan-Lopez explore trackers at Ocean Alliance.


The Gender Equity Group at GHS launched a STEM subgroup led by senior Olivia Hogan-Lopez, and Gender Equity in STEM coordinator Roseann Vidal. The group is open to everyone, regardless of gender, and plans to discuss how gender majorities can better accommodate others, as well as what it means to be in a gender minority in a science-oriented environment. 

With the goal of showing women in positions of leadership in science and technology-related fields, the group started with a field trip taken on the 27th to Ocean Alliance, where students were given the chance to explore the technology used to track and collect data on whales. Students were also given the opportunity to discuss the obstacles that many women face when trying to have a STEM career.

“Seeing women in well-respected positions in the STEM world was empowering,” sophomore Alicia Hogan-Lopez said. “I was inspired to persevere with my passions regardless of ingrained sexism.”

Field trips are planned every month to help gender minorities explore career opportunities, learn about gender roles in STEM fields, and have the chance for internships or mentorships relating to those fields. Field trips include the Gloucester Biotechnology Academy on March 2nd, North Shore InnoVentures on April 6th, and UMass Marine Station on May 5th.

For further information, Olivia Hogan-Lopez can be reached at [email protected], Roseann Vidal can be reached at [email protected], and Carol Cafasso can be reached at [email protected]. Meetings will be held before and after the field trips during the homeroom periods closest to the trip.

The STEM subgroup will not take away from the larger goal of the Gender Equity Group to encourage gender equality in classes at GHS. The group is looking for individual experiences with sexism and gender inequality. Those who would like to share should email Olivia Hogan-Lopez, or come to room 3415 during homeroom.