GHS Welcomes Ms. Reyes Alberto to the special education department


Sofia Orlando

GHS welcomes Yalesji Reyes-Alberto to the Special Education department.


With many new teachers arriving on campus this year, GHS welcomes Special Education teacher Yalesji Reyes-Alberto to the staff. 

Reyes-Alberto came to Massachusetts at the age of 4 from the Dominican- Republic. From there she developed a love for kids and seeing them thrive and grow in their environment. “Teaching was something that came out of nowhere,” Reyes said. 

Though she had begun her work with young people when she was 16, she hadn’t envisioned herself working with youth professionally. “I just fell in love with working with kids from there.” 

Currently, Reyes is working in the Special Education Department with kids who have Individualized Education Plans  and need extra support. And for her years at GHS, she is excited to see all of her former students grow and thrive and can’t wait to meet new students. 

“I teach a lot of freshmen and sophomores, so I’m excited to see them develop throughout the years,” Reyes said. 

She also hopes to bring some of her culture to the school community. In her free time she likes shopping at Target, reading books and taking care of her four children. 

Reyes also wants her peers and students to know that she is a kind caring teacher who you can come to at any time for support. “You can come to me with anything and we can talk about it. I am here to support you.”

So, if you are looking for a teacher to talk to, you can find ESP Ms. Reyes in room 3217 during the E block period.