Exciting opportunity for GHS Students interested in climate action



Looking to give back to your community and get paid for it?

Gloucester’s Community Development department is offering an internship for students age 16 and older, where they will be collaborating with City staff in making and executing ideas and strategies for the Community Action and Resilience Plan (CARP). The CARP will be helping the community to identify Gloucester’s highest challenges and their solutions to meet long- term goals of climate, energy and resilience.

To apply, you must submit a cover letter, resume, a schedule of anticipated weekly student activities, and commitments to Personnel/ Human Resources Department City of Gloucester. The application deadline is November 12 at four o’clock p.m.

Students will be assigned tasks that match their skills and experience, such as advertising in environmental justice neighborhoods, connecting with local community groups, presenting progress at monthly City Clean Energy Commission (CEC) meetings, note taking, and distributing surveys at the high school.

In order to apply, students must be 16 or older and preferably living in Gloucester. The position would start in late October 2021 and run until June 30th, 2022. Pay would be $15 an hour, with a maximum of 133 hours. Scheduling of the hours is flexible, and they can be fulfilled either in person or through zoom.

Gregg Cadematori ([email protected]) and Gemma Wilkens ([email protected]) will be supervising students and can be contacted through email.

Those passionate about the climate and the community should check it out.

Those passionate about helping within the Gloucester community, and interested in pursuing climate action should check it out.