After 24 years at GHS Ms. Pine is retiring


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After 24 years teaching business at GHS, Ms. Pine is retiring.


 Students who have had Ms. Pine may recall the icebreakers she started every class with. 

“I like the way she told stories and used real life examples in lessons,” said junior Nick Poulin who took Ms. Pine’s personal finance class. “She is an upbeat person who brings a lot of energy to her class.” 

“I like to start every class with a fun story to make students feel welcome and comfortable,” said Pine.  

After all the typewriters at her old school were replaced by computers Ms. Pine went to Lesley University to get a degree in technology and education. With this degree she had the goal to help students integrate new technologies into their curriculum. She knew she wanted to be able to give students vocational skills that could also lead to career opportunities in accounting and entrepreneurship. 

Technology has come a long way since Ms. Pine first began teaching. Originally GHS used Microsoft programs, but have now switched to google. Tech teachers are constantly having to adapt their curriculum, learn new programming. “Learning to keep up with tech keeps me young, and keeps me on my toes,” Pine said.

When asking Ms. Pine about some of the best memories from her time here she mentioned the first pep rally she went to at GHS. She recalled getting to see her students in a new light and how much school spirit there was. 

Ultimately Ms. Pine did everything she did for her students and loved every second of it. As an elective teacher she got an opportunity that other teachers don’t always have, to be able to watch students grow up. She would have freshmen in her freshman seminar class who then chose to take other classes with her. 

“Watching them grow and blossom in those 4 years are wonderful,” Pine said. She noted the change from  9th graders who were just learning their way around the school, to the “bright, confident, educated,” seniors they would become. 

That is what she says she will miss the most, “the positive relationships with students and fun,” said Pine.  With her new time though Ms. Pine plans to spend time with her grandchildren and other family members and find new ways to stay young.