Elicitor magazine to be published online


Mila Barry

The Elicitor Winter 2019 cover by Natasha Baumgartel


Due to the circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, The Elicitor will be digitally publishing selected works over the next few weeks. Art and writing can be found in The Elicitor section of The Gillnetter website, with the first piece going up this afternoon. When it is completed, the PDF of the full magazine will also be available via The Gillnetter. 

At this time it is unclear if a print edition is possible, but the staff remains hopeful. 

“We were incredibly excited to kick off our second year designing and printing the magazine,” said Co-Head Editor Mila Barry, “We’re going to do our best to distribute a print edition if possible.”

Either way, the staff aims to send printed copies to those featured in the magazine when they can.

For those new to this publication, The Elicitor features art, photography, and creative writing created by Gloucester High School students. It is typically published biannually and is a great opportunity for creative minded students to get acquainted with the editing and publishing process. 

The staff would like to thank the readers and contributors of the Elicitor for their patience and understanding.

“We couldn’t do this without everyone’s support,” said Barry, “it is especially appreciated considering these uncertain times.”