Remote learning offered during school closure


MILA BARRY, Staff Writer, Editor

In the face of extended time away from the classroom, Gloucester teachers and students have been forced to grapple with the challenges of remote learning. This process looks different at different grade levels, but protocol has been put in place across the district to ensure a consistent educational experience. 

According to Superintendent Richard Safier, “to provide some direction during this time, principals and teachers are developing materials for children to work on in order to have opportunities for learning during the school closure.”

Teachers met virtually on Monday to discuss possible activities and decide on expectations for students. Though some have already briefed their students on the weeks to come, parents and kids should continue to expect information. At the latest, principals will be emailing suggestions by Wednesday, 3/18. 

Additionally, “grading has been suspended during school closure,” said Safier, “one school reopens, extensive opportunities will be available to complete required work.”

This means that no work completed during this period is required, ensuring that students with limited access to online resources are not left out.    

Eight grader Willow Barry feels apprehensive at the prospect of so much independent study. 

“It’s very inconvenient, because it is much better when there is a physical human being to explain concepts to students,” she said. 

At the high school, many teachers will offer online resources, support and feedback through their Google Classrooms and Moodle sites.

During these uncertain times, students and teachers are working hard to, as Safier puts it, “keep the continuity of learning as best as possible.”