College fair canceled due to Coronavirus concerns



The Career and College Fair scheduled to take place tonight at GHS has been cancelled “in the interest of taking the utmost precaution,” said school officials. 

Coronavirus has prompted Governor Charlie Baker to declare a State of Emergency in Massachusetts. Many schools and colleges in the state have shut down dorms and switched to online classes. 

While there is only one case in Essex County, the people of Gloucester are doing all they can to prevent getting ill, and the Gloucester High School is no exception. 

Teachers, administrators, and the custodial staff are working hard to keep the building sanitary. 

“Custodians are doing extra cleaning, especially of surfaces such as railings, door handles, and water fountains,” said Principal James Cook, “And we have shared the CDC’s recommended health practices via Google Classroom for kids to read during homeroom today.”

The City is also attempting to help combat the inadequate supply at local stores.

“DPW has provided cleaning supplies to be distributed throughout classrooms,” said Cook. 

Library Teacher Samantha Teixiera is also focusing on keeping common spaces clean.

“Right now, we are trying to make sure that anything a student touches (technology- wise) is sanitized,” explained Teixiera, “We’re making sure students wipe down loaner chromebooks, and as we’ve been doing from the beginning of the year, students have to wipe down their areas after lunch.”

Beyond these measures, students are expected to bring their own pencil to sign in and out of the library. 

“I’m working with other library colleagues to try to figure out how to move forward. We’ll make decisions about whether we should continue letting students share devices,” she said. 

Despite increasingly intense precautions, recommendations for protecting yourself and others against the virus remain the same; wash your hands, cover your mouth, and avoid close contact with those who are ill.