GHS to pilot vape detectors


Mila Barry

This vape detector has been installed int he first floor girls bathroom.

MILA BARRY, Staff Writer, Editor

In an effort to deter vaping,  GHS administration installed a vape detector in the 1st floor girls bathroom.

It marks the beginning of a pilot program to test the effectiveness of these devices in preventing kids from vaping in school.  

If the test period yields a positive result, administration hopes to expand the program. 

“If it’s worth the investment, we’ll go for grants so we can purchase more, and [hopefully] have them in all bathrooms,” said Dean of Students, Robert Gallinelli. 

The goal is to keep kids from vaping, rather than to catch them in the act.  

Said Gallinelli: “The goal is to deter kids from vaping. We’re also willing to help kids who are addicted with our programs. The reality is, we just want students to be able to use the bathrooms peacefully.”

The device has yet to be activated, though it did go off Monday. This occurred because it features a tamper alarm, which goes sounds if there is an attempt to touch, move, or otherwise disable the device. 

Students will be informed before the device is activated, via an email. There will also likely be signs posted outside the first floor girls’ room as a reminder. 

Students can expect the testing period to begin after February vacation.