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The Gillnetter

The Gillnetter

Fall in love with these autumn artists

Cyan Clements
Ink sketch by Cyan Clements

As the brisk fall air comes, the need for a perfect indie-folk playlist arises. If you’re looking for music to enhance any autumn encounter, look no further than the six artists listed below.

Mumford and Sons 

Mumford & Sons has released four albums, most of which favor the folk rock genre. One of their more significant albums, the “Sigh No More” album, showcases many of their top songs such as “The Cave” and “Little Lion Man”. 

The band makes their fondness for instruments like the banjo and acoustic guitar abundantly clear in each album. The folk genre is frequently associated with fall, giving the band an even bigger appeal as the weather cools off and autumn takes over.  The faster paced songs summon a liveliness perfect to accompany a brisk walk in the woods.  With exploration and time spent outside being a key experience in the fall, Mumford & Sons is a musical necessity that can revitalize any eager listener. 

Noah Kahan

Also making a big contribution to the modern folk world is Vermont native, Noah Kahan. Having recently blown up in the past year, Kahan has gone from playing at the local Riverfest in 2019, to selling out at Fenway this year. 

His most recent album, “Stick Season”, released last October, proved to be a huge hit, especially among New Englanders. Being a local himself, Kahan often integrates many aspects of the New Englander lifestyle into his songs, frequently referring to the cold weather and isolation in his lyrics. With Kahan’s newest album containing most of his top songs such as “You’re Gonna Go Far” and “Stick Season”, he is continuing to rise in the music industry. In the past year, he has had many notable collaborations with Post Malone, Zach Bryan and Kasey Musgraves. 

The consistent folk style of Kahan’s music evokes heavy emotions from his listeners. If you are in search of an emotional outlet that simultaneously includes a fall vibe, then make sure you download “Stick Season” to ensure it’s forever at your disposal. 

The Lumineers

Another crucial folk band to get you through the autumn chill is The Lumineers. Having first formed in 2005, the band has created 4 albums, most notably the “Cleopatra” album, released in 2016. Containing many of their top songs such as “Ophelia”, “Sleep on the Floor”, and “Cleopatra”, the album provides passionate songs about love, loss and so much more. 

The Lumineers share many similarities with Mumford & Sons, as both bands use many of the same instruments. However, The Lumineers showcase their skills in creating slower music which has a relaxing effect on listeners. By evoking such calming emotions, the band has become a necessity for any rainy fall day. 

Lord Huron 

Leaning more towards the indie genre, Lord Huron has released 5 total albums, with their most essential album, “Strange Trails”, released in 2015. The album features many popular songs such as “Love Like Ghosts” and “The Night We Met”, with the latter gaining lots of popularity on TikTok. 

In creating numerous emotionally powerful songs, Lord Huron has proven their strength in the indie-folk genre. However, if you’re searching for songs that won’t cause emotional turmoil, the band still offers an array of faster paced tracks such as “Fool for Love”, “Meet Me in the Woods”, and much more. The variety that their albums provide makes Lord Huron a pivotal part of any fall day spent lounging around or outside exploring. 

Fleetwood Mac:

No autumn playlist is complete without the integration of “Fleetwood Fall”, a name created by avid listeners of the band Fleetwood Mac. With 18 studio albums and additional live albums, Fleetwood Mac is renowned by many generations and to this day is still a very prominent band. Arguably their most popular album, “Rumours”, released in 1997, holds some of the bands most well-known songs such as “The Chain” and “Dreams”. 

Over the past few months, the song “Silver Springs” has gained recognition due to the  anger that singer Stevie Nicks showed towards ex and lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham as a result of their break up. Many view Nicks’ live performances as iconic, with the topic completely dominating the TikTok community over the summer. 

Due to their predominantly rock style that incorporates blues and folk, Fleetwood Mac is a necessity for anybody who needs an outlet to channel their emotions as they change with the seasons. 

Mac Demarco: 

On the softer side of the indie rock genre rests singer, songwriter and guitarist Mac Demarco. Despite having released numerous albums in the past couple years, Demarco’s second album, “2”, released in 2012 remains one of his most popular albums to date. Many of his most prominent songs such as “Moonlight on the River” and “Chamber of Reflection” showcase Demarco’s softer, laidback style. 

This past April, Demarco released his latest album, “One Wayne G”, a predominantly instrumental album with 199 tracks. With many calming songs in the collection, Demarco arguably created one of the best albums to listen to while working or doing school work. It’s the relaxation and intricate stories within his music that appeals to many of Demarco’s listeners. This impact cannot go unnoticed, further highlighting the importance of Demarco’s music, especially as naps and soft songs become more alluring with the colder weather. 

Music plays a pivotal role in so many lives, often helping us to express ourselves when all else fails. As the autumn chill grows, it’s crucial that we thrive and grow with it, blooming into a new version of ourselves. It’s through music that these goals become attainable and this playlist is the perfect backdrop for a memorable fall.  

For those interested, Faria has a playlist of the artists’ greatest hits linked below!


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Santana Faria is a sophomore at GHS and a first year writer for the Gillnetter. She’s an honors student as well as an active member of the Student Council where she enjoys fundraising for her class. In her free time, Santana loves to read fantasy books, listen to music and nap. When she isn’t busy sleeping, you can contact her at [email protected]
Cyan Clements
Cyan Clements, Staff Writer
Cyan Clements is a senior at GHS and is a second year writer for The Gillnetter. She is a honors student and takes pride in being the resident artist for the newspaper. Outside of school, Cyan enjoys drawing, trying new hobbies, and spending time with friends and family. She also enjoys collecting various different things, such as albums and dolls. You can contact her at [email protected]

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