Help make prom free!


GHS seniors will be having a prom, and after an unorthodox year, the Class of 2021 Student Council is hopeful this prom can be cost free. Due to Covid, typical fundraising opportunities available in past years were not available this year, so this goal will only be possible through the help of the Gloucester community.

For a group who have had to persevere through a year with very little reward, this prom will be a fun memory to sum up a difficult year. Want to help the seniors? If you are interested in helping to sponsor the prom please write a check out to “Gloucester Public Schools” with “Class of 2021 Events” written in the memo line and deliver it to GHS in the coming weeks.

Even though prom is happening, the event will look different than in previous years. This outdoor prom will take place on Friday, June 18th on the field outside of the softball field. In order to maintain distance, no underclassman or non GHS students will be allowed as guests. The GHS seniors will be separated into 4 groups made up of 3 tents provided by The Event Company. Seniors will sign up for tents and each tent will have its own chairs, dance floor and speakers from the DJ. Masks will be worn at all times, the only exception being while eating. Dinner will be served buffet style with food from the Causeway. 

In order to encourage socialization outside of the designated tents, the class is looking to borrow or buy some fun outdoor games. Community members with bocce, Kan Jam, corn hole, or any lawns games can support the class of 2021 by lending their sets for the night. Borrowed games will be returned, while any games bought will be given back to the school for future events. 

If you have any questions the Class of 2021 Advisors, Daniel Fleury and David DiPietro, are happy to answer. You can contact them at [email protected] and [email protected]