Best picks for Halloween movie night



With Halloween quickly creeping up, many teens are trying to make plans for the holiday. Due to the setback with Covid-19, teens have to find safe ways to celebrate. Watching movies can be a fun and inclusive way to appreciate Halloween. With different types of movies, there’s something for everyone. We all know the classics, but listed below are some more Halloween movies everyone will enjoy. 

Horror movies may not appeal to everyone because of the gore or jump scares, but there’s also plenty of people who love the thrill. If you’re feeling brave, (or maybe you want an excuse to be close to that special someone), here are some suggestions for you.

The Conjuring: The Conjuring follows Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farminga) Warren, two paranormal investigators, in their quest to discover the mystery behind the Perron family’s new home. The family of seven experiences dangerous demonic activity, having to call in the Warrens to save them before it’s too late. Rated- R 

Lights Out: 

Being scared of the dark is normal for a young kid, especially when no one listens to why they’re scared. Young Martin (Garbriel Bateman) is no different, except for the fact that his mom (Maria Bello) talks to the monster that lives in the dark. After talking with his sister (Teresa Palmer), Martin learns that he wasn’t the only one who heard his mom talking to someone in the dark. Rated- R

Are your parents making you watch a younger sibling this Halloween while they go party in a terrible couples costume? We’ve got you covered with some family friendly, spooky themed movies.

Halloweentown: Gwen (Judith Hoag) never let her three children go out on Halloween, claiming it’s too dangerous. But the children’s grandmother (Debbie Reynolds) has other plans. She takes the grandchildren to Halloweentown, where supernatural beings roam. The family fight off the evil beings that threaten the world of Halloweentown, and the children discover a family secret. Rated- TV-G

Hocus Pocus: When Max (Omri Katz), his younger sister Dani (Thora Birch), and their new friend Allison (Vinessa Shaw) explore the old Sanderson sister’s cabin, Max believes it’s just a bunch of hocus pocus. Lighting the black flame candle, he summons the three Salem witches from the dead. The group of kids have to destroy the witches before sunrise or the Sanderson Sisters will  steal all the children from Salem. Rated PG 

For those who like the thrill of horror but enjoy a little mind twist, physiological thrillers are for you. Listed below are some that you may enjoy:

Hereditary: This 2018 film is about a family that recently goes through the mourning of their grandmother. The four main characters are the mother Annie Graham (Toni Collete), the father Steve Graham (Gabriel Byrne), their son Peter (Alex Wolff), and lastly their daughter Charlie (Milly Shapiro). The family goes through a demonic experience when they delve into their grandmother’s life. The movie has many suspenseful moments and leaves you wondering about what happened afterwards. Rated – R

Get Out: Starting at the beginning of the movie, Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) goes to visit his girlfriend’s estate to meet her parents. His girlfriend Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) has a terrifying secret. When Washington first arrives at the estate he realizes throughout the movie that these people are not to be trusted. Increasingly disturbing discoveries led him to believe that he is not at all safe. Rated – R 

Lastly, here are some suggestions for horror fans who want to laugh instead of scream. 

Mom and Dad:  Mom and Dad is anything but a happy go lucky family movie. The two main parents, Brent Ryan (Nicholas Cage) and Kendall Ryan (Selma Blair) are bloodthirsty for their children. Their two kids Carly Ryan (Anne Winters) and Josh Ryan (Zackery Arthur) have to learn how to survive. The film has plenty of humorous moments but still keeps to a horror theme. Rated – R 

Happy Death Day: Happy Death Day takes place on the same day. Over and over again. Main character Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is stuck in a loop with a murderer chasing after her. The day ends with the man getting to her to end her fate where she wakes up in her bed the next day. This film has a surplus of comedic scenes and hysterical jokes that could fit many peoples humor. Rated – PG-13

With all of the suggestions listed, hopefully there is one that interests you.  Make sure to be safe this Halloween and wear a mask!