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Health Center sponsors “Long Line of Ladies” film

Sophia Montello
Art by Sophia Montello.

If you have a uterus, you may also have a period. Take a look back to the time that you started it– and ask yourself: did your family recognize this as a symbol of your journey into adulthood? Or, were you met with support from your mother, and an embarrassed face from your father? Obviously, this won’t be the case for every single individual. Still, when delving into how other cultures consider and even celebrate periods, you may be left with a feeling of longing.

To address this, the Youth Advisory Council has partnered with the Racial Equity and Advocacy group and the Health Center to present a film screening of “Long Line Of Ladies” at GHS.

“Long Line of Ladies” is a documentary that began as a film centered around menstruation, but over the course of 22 minutes blossomed into a journey about community, family, and tradition. The most crucial of themes, however, is a young girl’s budding adulthood. 

The film revolves around a girl named Ahtyirahm “Ahty” Allen, a 13-year-old girl who is a descendent and a member of the Karuk tribe of Northern California. Ahty approaches her Ihuk, also known as the Flower Dance Ceremony, the Karuk celebration when a girl gets her first period and transitions into adulthood. 

The story follows her during the weeks leading up to her coming of age ceremony, being introduced to aunts, uncles, grandmothers, and other members of the family who all work in harmony to engender their own crucial pieces of her Ihuk. 

The short film is a beautifully captured tradition that we are invited to practically partake in. It is a must-watch– a gracious glance under the veil of a ceremony in the Karuk tribe that was nearly lost until its precious revival in the 1990s.

“This is an opportunity to learn about different cultures and customs that are centuries old,” said Karen Hurst, Program Manager of the GHS Health Center.  “This ceremony is about honoring the coming of age of young women, which helps to de-stigmatize and normalize menstruation.  It takes the awkwardness out of it.”

The documentary will be aired on May 15th during Homeroom in the Lecture Hall for any students interested in viewing. 


What: “Long Line of Ladies” Documentary

When: May 15th, During Homeroom

Where: Lecture Hall

Who: All are welcome!

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ASHLEE SCOLA, Staff Writer
Ashlee is a senior at GHS, and a first year staff writer for The Gillnetter. Her hobbies include studying and collecting crystals, listening to all kinds of music and creative writing. She is an honors student and a member of NHS. Her dad is the School Resource Officer, a.k.a. ‘Scola’-- so she’s been around Gloucester Public Schools and its events for many years. You can contact Ashlee with any questions or suggestions at [email protected] 
Sophia Montello
Sophia Montello, Staff Writer
Sophia Montello is a senior at Gloucester High School and a first year staff writer for the Gilnetter. In her free time she makes jewelry, practices nail art, paints and draws.  She also is the owner of four cats.  Sophia is a member of the National Art Honors Society at GHS. You can contact Sophia with story ideas at smontello014@

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