Zombie shows are dead on

Zombie from Night of the Living Dead (Public domain)

Zombie from Night of the Living Dead (Public domain)


Halloween is almost here and candy prices are not the only thing rising – so are the dead.

Zombies are making a comeback and are even starring in shows like The Walking Dead, which is now in its fifth season. The post-apocalyptic drama has caught the attention of audiences everywhere and has now become the most watched drama-series in basic cable history.

The series has won many awards including 2014 Peoples Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama, 2014 Peoples Choice Award for Favorite Tv Anti-Hero and much more.

The Walking Dead phenomenon has also hit Gloucester High School. Many students, including sophomore Katie Nugent, watch the addictive show. “The characters continue to surprise me,” said Nugent. “I like the suspense.”

“I thinks its great,” said sophomore Carly Curcuru “It has no plot, but I like watching people get eaten by zombies. It makes you feel sick, but at the same time you can’t help but watch.”

This brings up the question “why are we so captivated by zombies?”

Fascination with zombies dates back to the 1968 release of the hit movie Night of the Living Dead, though the first movie with the word zombie in the title was White Zombie, starring Bella Lugosi, of Dracula fame, in 1932.

Based on a comic book series, The Walking Dead, makes audiences consider what they would do in the same scenario. What ethical decisions would they make? What would their morals be? The show also plays upon our fears of human extinction.

The idea that a virus could potentially wipe out humanity appeals to some of our greatest fears. It allows viewers to imagine what they would do to survive the apocalypse, and consider, if they did not survive, the potential of life after death – even if it is in Zombie form.

Over the past few years many films and TV shows have shifted their focus from vampires to these brain eating corpses, somehow making a zombie hit for each genre of movie.

World War Z is a great action movie, while Zombieland adds humor to the post-apocalyptic scene. Film makers have even been able to make a chick flick about the flesh-eating dead called Warm Bodies and a children’s movie called ParaNorman.

Though the school is crawling with Walking Dead fans, there are some people who just aren’t into the zombie craze. “It sounds horrible,” says freshman Lizzie Luster who has not yet watched the show, but says she isn’t interested in the violence or gore.

Judging by the show’s popularity, Luster may be in the minority.  So, whether you are out trick or treating, or at home watching horror movie marathons, keep an eye out for zombies this Halloween. They won’t be dying anytime soon.