Advanced Placement exams will be offered online due to widespread school closures


Students currently taking Advanced Placement  classes are going to be faced with a new way of testing this year due to the impacts of COVID-19.

While the full extent of the information will be out on April 3, some information has been released. 

For this year, AP tests have been reduced from around 4 hours (this varies between subjects) to 45 minutes. Students will be able to take the exams at home on any electronic device available to them. Photos of handwritten materials will also be accepted.

The CollegeBoard is taking measures to ensure that even with the unexpected changes the tests are still fair to all students. Exams are being adjusted to only include subject matter that most AP teachers would have covered by early March. 

Also, the CollegeBoard will be offering two different test dates for each exam (to be released on April 3) as a way to leave students the time they feel they need to prepare.  Students may decide not to take the exam, and the test fee will be refunded. 

Despite the fact that there will not be an administrator at the tests, steps are being taken to prevent cheating. The exams are being designed in ways that ensure security and validity of the exams. 

In an attempt to make up for the time lost due to the pandemic, CollegeBoard is providing resources to help students prepare for the exams. They can be accessed here.