7 things to do on a Sunday now that football is over

7 things to do on a Sunday now that football is over


Football season is over and many of us are now left wondering what to do with our time. Well, as you know from the headline, you’re in luck. Here are seven things to do on a Sunday now that football is over. 

1. Read a book

Disclaimer: you may be called a nerd, or even a loser, and for good reason too. However, diving into a good book is never a bad idea, as it allows you to improve your brain and even reduces stress. 

2. Cook a nice meal

Did reading make you hungry? Well, time to get your hands dirty and make something healthy and tasty. Lookup a fancy recipe and try your best to make it.

3. Clean your house

Chances are, you just made your kitchen a mess with that meal. Well without football, you have all the time to clean it. Just make sure to get those hard to reach spots.

4. Go for a walk

Now that your house smells like cleaning supplies, its best that you get outside for some fresh air. Walking is the best form of exercise for us lazy people who just want to watch football, as it requires the least amount of effort.

5. Do your laundry

You just walked and got all your clothes sweaty and gross. So, now you might as well do your laundry and get all your clothes fresh and clean. 

6. Take up a new hobby

You can’t do all these things week in and week out without getting bored. So find something new to do, such as bread making or coloring. 

7. Watch the all-new XFL

Blow off the rest of this list, and get back to your regular football watching ways. The new league kicks off Sunday, February 9th at 2 pm on ABC. The new league consists of 8 teams from across the country, with rules looser than those of the NFL, so fans can enjoy more football and less stoppage.