How to survive midterm stress



It’s that time of year again. When pressure is put on students to do well on midterm exams. In the span of three days, we are expected to excel in tests on 7 different subjects. How does one prepare for that? Teachers try to help us by giving us review packets, playing review games in class, and urging us to study. But there are things you can do along with studying to help you succeed. It is important to go into tests prepared mentally and physically,along with intellectually. Here are a few things you can do besides studying to help boost your grades. 


Fuel your body. Eat a big dinner and breakfast and bring filling snacks for between exams. DO NOT skip meals to study. You will not do as well if you are hungry. When you are hungry you become more tired and less alert. Both of these things will take away from testing. 


You don’t want to be falling asleep during your tests. Don’t study all night! Any  information you absorb in that time won’t matter when you fall asleep during the test. Grades are not worth the deterioration of your health.


Don’t miss a sports practice to study. Exercise will make you feel better. Exercise is not only proven to raise test scores but also to reduce anxiety. Going into a test with a clear mind and relaxed body will benefit you. It is also nice to take an hour where you aren’t thinking about school.


Take some time to ease your mind. Whether you find guided meditation on Youtube, use an app or just sit and breath on your own, find a way to take a mental break. 

Be positive/confident  

Remember that no matter how scary this seems you can do it! No one wants you to fail. This is all information that you have already learned. You have been ‘studying’ for this test since the first day of school. A better attitude will make you and everyone else in the room feel better.