Administration reprimands senior class with mixed results


The senior class was called to an assembly first thing this morning to address the disruptive behavior displayed during yesterday’s presentation on life after graduation.

At yesterday’s assembly, a presenter from New England Institute of Technology, repeatedly had to stop and ask for attention due to laughing and talking, particularly from the students in the front section of the auditorium. Those students responded with sarcastic comments and continued distracting the presenter, and the audience, with disrespectful behavior.

“It was sort of chaotic,” said GHS senior Emma Paddock.

With the student council arranged on stage, student council adviser Rayanne Menery addressed the whole class this morning. “I, and Ms. Finacey, are completely embarrassed”, said Menery.  She suggested future privileges may be revoked, such as a field trip to Canobie Lake , if such behavior continues.

“You represent GHS,” said Dean of Students Chris Kobs.  “Yesterday you represented poorly.”

Principal Erik Anderson’s comments focused on respect and courtesy.  “Yesterday was a surprise for us, and collectively uncharacteristic of you as a class,” said Anderson.

Not everyone agrees that the whole class needed to be reprimanded.

“I didn’t understand the point of the assembly,” said senior Jennifer Palazola. “Why was the student council up on the stage? The class as a whole, we are not responsible for what happened yesterday.”

“I think the reason they bring everyone down is, they want the students to shame the kids who are doing it” said senior Claudia Torres.

Vincent Ciaramitaro says he thinks that is “unethical”

“Not only do we, the students, know who is responsible for the behavior yesterday, but so do the teachers and the administration,” said Ciaramitaro.  “Why did we all have to go and get yelled at? It’s always the same group of kids.”

Gloucester Police Lieutenant Michael Gossom also spoke at the assembly. He addressed the issue of “woods parties” at Goose Cove, Fernwood and Ravenswood. “After Saturday night, the department is done,” said Gossom who warned students that the police plan to send buses to party spots and arrest party goers.

“That has nothing to do with school” said David Sullivan, who questioned why this was part of the assembly.  “Going up to Goose on a Friday or Saturday night has nothing to do with what happened yesterday.”