Want to know what Gloucester kids are really saying?

Check out this guide to GHS slang.

OWEN HARDY, Staff Writer

Walking through the halls of Gloucester High School, you are likely to hear a few different languages. Primarily, you will hear English. You are also likely to hear some Spanish, and perhaps, even a little Italian or Portugese. But you will also hear some English words  you may not be able to define.  These words are GHS slang. 

Word: BET

Definition: (noun) said when someone proposes something that you want to do

Example: “Wanna go to the library for lunch today?”

    “Yeah, BET.”

Word: BOP (not to be confused with “a bop” which means a good song)

Definition: (verb) to get in trouble; usually fairly serious 

Example: “What did I miss at school today?”

    “Dude, Kobs BOPPED like 10 people for vaping.”


Definition: (adjective) describes particularly cold temperatures 

Example: “Yo will someone open in a window? It’s mad hot in here.”

    “Nah don’t. It’s BRICK out.”

Word: CAP

Definition: (noun) said when you think someone isn’t telling the truth or you disagree with what they’re saying

Example: “Yo the football team actually won yesterday.”

    “No way bro. That’s gotta be CAP.”


Definition: (noun) essentially the opposite of CAP; this is said when someone is saying something that you completely agree with

Example: “Wanna go to Poseidon’s? I want a Zeus.”

    “FAX, let’s go.”

Word: MOOD

Definition: (noun) something that perfectly fits how one is feeling; agreement of mood 

Example: “I can’t do long-block algebra right now.”


Word: MOW

Definition: (verb) to eat, usually a lot of food in a short amount of time 

    (noun) something delicious to eat

Example: “I heard it’s orange chicken for lunch today.”

    “Yes! I need to MOW.”

Word: NICE

Definition: (adjective) describes something that is of high quality or convenience

Example: “We’re playing volleyball in gym today.”

    “I’m NICE at volleyball.”

Word: PIFF

Definition: (adjective) similar to NICE, especially referring to something that is of supreme convenience

Example: “Yo we have a sub today for history.”

    “That’s PIFF.”


Definition: (adjective) describes someone who is flustered or agitated by a given situation

Example: “How was your day?”

    “It was terrible, I failed my English test. I’m still RATTLED.”


Definition: (adjective) describes someone or something in a state of shock or surprise

Example: “What did you think about Of Mice and Men

    “I was SHOOK when George kills Lennie.”


Definition: (noun) a spaghetti dinner; usually as part of a sports team

Example: “Are you going to the SKETTI tonight?”

                “Yes of course, no way I would miss a chance to MOW garlic bread.”


Definition: (verb) used to talk about something that you think is very good 

Example: “I just started listening to this song. Have you ever heard it?”

    “Yes, that song SLAPS.”