GHS’ new weather station forecasts success



Members of the science department on the roof with their new weather station

The Gloucester High School science department has improved again, with a new weather station on the roof, and other tools to enrich the science classroom, thanks to a grant from The Gloucester Education Foundation. 

Science program leader, Carol Cafasso, who teaches Chemistry and Engineering & Technology, wrote grant for nearly $14,000.

The weather station provides every stat imaginable, from the temperature to solar radiation. “It’s so wide open for links to numerous learning possibilities,” said Cafasso.

This resource will help multiple areas of the school, whether it be learning about statistics or studying the weather patterns. “What about the impact of climate change? That’s worth discussion because it impacts everyone’s life.” 

Along with this all-new weather station, the science department was able to purchase other science tools from Flinn Scientifics. These tools will likely be integrated into the classroom in the coming days.

 “This will take our students to a greater extent and a higher level,” said Cafasso. “Instead of just relying on someone else, we will have our own data. How cool is it that all the community members can know the weather here at the school?”

Information from the weather station can be accessed by downloading the Davis Weatherlink app, logging in at, or viewing Cafasso’s handheld console.  

“I was looking for more ways to bring inquiry and higher-order thinking and the ability to use higher-order problem solving to end up with high order thinking in our students to a greater extent and a higher level,” said Cafasso.

“I’m trying to make sure that we have the latest tools and technology that we are able to put them in our students hands and have examples that our students can relate to and learn from and then build upon”