Overtime upset puts Fishermen on thin ice


Shannon McNally-Lane

The Fisherman offensive line blocks a run up the middle.


The overtime loss at Newell stadium was a tragic blow to The Fishermen. High hopes were dashed for a win and a successful playoff berth.

From the get-go both teams knew it would not be easy to overcome each other. The first team to get on the scoreboard was The Fishermen,  who scored early in the second quarter. The drive was set up by a muffed punt by the Big Blue.

The Big Blue were determined to answer on the scoreboard in their next drive. As they drove down the field, running back Nick Faia broke a run for a 54 yard touchdown.

Throughout the game there were a total of 3 lead changes. The game really showcased a variety of each teams skills.

The Fishermen brought a healthy running attack as usual with running backs Alex Enes, Patrick Goss and John Salvi-Souza. They also moved the ball well through the air, hitting Alex Militello for a 13 yard score just before the half.

The Big Blue also showed up with a bag of tricks. Swampscott’s running backs accumulated well over 100 yards and were responsible for one of the touchdowns on the night. Their real threat was the passing game which gave them two of their touchdowns in regulation time.

As the time winded down on the fishermen the score was set at 21-21. Officials brought coaches and captains together to discuss the rules and overtime play presumed.

Each team gets the ball on offense from the 10 yard line and gets 4 plays to score. If they score they can only go for two points. If each team scores on both it goes into double and triple until eventually one team succomes to the other.

Swampscott started with the ball at the 10 yard line and in three plays punched it in with a quarterback sweep. They then added on the two point conversion with a quick dump pass.

As Gloucester took the ball on offense they too scored in three plays with a full back trap. But they failed to convert on the two point play which ultimately moved The Fishermen to 2-5 on the season.