¡Bienvenida Señorita Robles!


Nicholas Poulin

GHS’ new Spanish teacher, Señorita Robles, poses by the map in her new classroom


This year GHS welcomes Spanish teacher Ms. Bianna Robles to the World Language Department. 

Robles was born in the Dominican Republic where she grew up facing challenges of poverty, food insecurity and a lack of basic necessities. 

“When I was little, it was hard because of the circumstances,” she said, “I grew up around cousins, without a mom and there weren’t a lot of basic necessities, like toilet paper,  and sometimes food.” This is what inspired her to become a teacher. 

“Throughout my life I’ve faced complications and there were teachers who helped me,” she said, “I want to help students who struggle with similar problems.”

After teaching at Haverhill High School, Robles came to Gloucester to continue her career as a language teacher. 

There has been an increased number of students learning English as their second language.  As of 2019, 11.4 percent of the GHS student population is Hispanic and approximately 16 percent learned English as a second language or are learning it now.  

Robles said she is happy to have a homeroom with native speakers, and would like to be an ESL teacher.

“Sharing the culture and experiences and love for the language helps, it’s all I know and I’m native to it. I think it will help the kids understand it [Spanish] better and teach them how Spanish is used in each country and culture.” 

Using her extensive knowledge of the language, Robles works to diversify learning techniques and make Spanish interesting such as , “working with some of them one-on-one, using different strategies like videos, slideshows, interactive lessons and powerpoints,” she said. 

The staff and students have noticed Robles’ impact at GHS.  

“I am very happy we hired her because she is a very caring person and she wants to do well by her students. She is a great team player,” said World Language program leader, Celestino Basile.

“So far, Spanish with Seniorita Robles has been really good. She’s a fun teacher and makes the class environment enjoyable.” said junior Sam Groleau.

In her free time, Robles enjoys a variety of activities. 

“I love spending time with my son, doing arts and crafts, and the beach. My favorite food is ham and cheese empañadas,” she said. 

Stop by an visit her in room 1220.

“Everybody has made it so comfortable, welcoming, and exciting as a new teacher. I love it.” said Robles.