Hogan-Lopez to deliver school supplies to elementary students


Olivia Hogan-Lopez

An elementary school boy in Puerto Vallarta expresses his joy after receiving his new book.

SAM GROLEAU, Staff Writer

Books, pencils, crayons, and markers are the staples of an elementary school classroom. But for some students in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, these items are considered luxuries. Many teachers at these schools lack the supplies and books needed to successfully teach their students. 

Olivia Hogan-Lopez, a Sophomore at GHS, wants to raise awareness and help solve this problem. She has decided to collect resources for one of the primary elementary schools in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Hogan-Lopez said she knew that she wants to give back to the community where her father grew up. 

“The school is only a couple blocks down from where my dad grew up. The school system is different than here, and is a combination of elementary and middle school. The supplies we’re donating are mainly going to the younger students.”

Hogan-Lopez has been doing donations like this for a couple of years, but this year she decided to make it much more meaningful and significant by involving the school and student body. 

“I was inspired by their reactions over the years. I didn’t understand it when I was younger, but now I see how important that is. Seeing the students here (GHS) compared to them just shows how much more we have, and that we have to give back. ”

Her  goal is to bring as many supplies as possible to Puerto Vallarta, and to bring smiles to the students’ faces.  “It makes them really happy, which is also our goal. Seeing all of these students makes me feel really grateful”

Hogan-Lopez and her family leave for Puerto Vallarta in February, and will be gone for two weeks. Her goal is to get as many supplies as possible during December and the holiday season.

“We will take anything. Pencils, crayons, erasers, markers, and any other basic school supplies that elementary students would need.”

To help out, bring supplies, books, or donations to the library, language department teachers, or Hogan-Lopez personally.