How to make a nine patch pillow

The Final Product, a complete nine patch pillow (dog not included)

Hannah Sears

The Final Product, a complete nine patch pillow (dog not included)

HANNAH SEARS, Staff Writer


  • at least 2 different colored fabric (3 if you want a different patterned back)
  • scissors
  • needle
  • pins
  • thread (matches material)
  • Fluffing

Depending on how big you want the pillow, the size will vary.  For our purposes, we will start with a pillow that is approximately 12×12. Keep in mind that when you cut the material, you will get an idea of what it will look like, but the sizing will differ once the pillow is completed.

  1. Take your first piece of fabric and cut five pieces out with the dimensions of: 4×4. Then repeat with your second fabric. (if you have a third fabric you want for the back, place it aside for later). Mix and match your pieces to decide which fabric you want to show more of and less of. Use all five pieces for the one you want more of, and use four pieces for the one you want less of.9 patch pillow

2. Now, you can start to make the pillow! After placing the patches in the correct order,  take two touching patches and pin the faces (the side you want facing out) towards the center.

9 patch pillow (1)

3.Now begin to sew along the pinned edge. Sew until you reach the edge of the material then create a small knot.

4. Now, two of your pieces are connected. Next,  take the next piece in the row and sew that on. To attach,  take the middle piece (un-sewn side) and pin it to the 4×4 square (face in).  As in the previous step, sew along the pinned edge and knot at the end of the material.

9 patch pillow (2)

5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the next 2 rows. Your should end up with three strips of three patches. From there,  take 2 rows and the sides you want to face out, and turn them in towards each other. Pin along the edge and sew. Now that you have two rows attached,  attach the third by folding the front facing sides in. Pin and sew.

9 patch pillow (3)

5.Congratulations, you have now completed the front of your pillow. Now, if you have a third material, this is where it becomes useful. Make sure to cut the dimensions to 12×12. Take the sides you want to show for the back and the front of the pillow, turn them in towards each other. Pin, and sew along the edge leaving a gap approximately 1-2 inches wide when you reach the endpoint where the opening will be. Knot the thread.

9 patch pillow (4)

7. Now, that you have sewn along the edge, leaving a small gap, turn the pillow inside out, and pull out the edges (which will be tucked in) with your needle.

8. Time for stuffing! Fill the pillow with as much stuffing as you see fit, but remember the stuffing will wear down with use so don’t be afraid to use a little extra.

9 .Now the pillow is nearly complete.  Sew up the gap and the nine patch pillow is done!