GHS welcomes Ms. D’Antonio to the history department


Elise Amaral

New teacher Alyssa D’Antonio brings her youthful energy and cool vibe to the history department this year

ELISE AMARAL, Staff Writer

Gloucester High School welcomes back former student, Alyssa D’Antonio as a new history teacher this year. 

Students may recognize Ms. D’Antonio from her student teaching in English and History classes last year. She is certified to teach both English, and History. But history is her true passion. 

“I’ve always loved history. Even when I was teaching books, I found myself interested in teaching them more as artifacts of history,” said D’Antonio. “What impact did this book have on the culture at the time?” 

D’Antonio said she knew in high school that she wanted to do something in the academic community because she loved school. After graduating GHS in 2009, D’Antonio attended Saint Michael’s College, and recently earned her Master’s degree from Endicott College.

“I believe kids should have the same access to the education I got when I went to school here,”  said D’Antonio. “I had fun here. I had really good teachers that made the subjects interesting. Some of them are still here. So if I can come in and be half the teacher that they were. Then I am doing okay. ” 

D’Antonio said her favorite topics in history are the 1960s and 1970s, feminism, and the Vietnam war. 

“I’m very excited to be a member of the community here and feel very welcomed here. I’m always amazed at how much you guys care about each other. You have a very close community.”

In her spare time D’Antonio loves to attend concerts and hear live music, particularly the blues.

“If there is a dirty guitar riff in it, I’m usually in,” she said.  She also likes to attend concerts alone. “I’m a big solo concert person. It’s one of the most liberating experiences you can have.”  

“I’m just so happy to be here,” said D’Antonio. “This is always where I wanted to end up. I wanted to be able to come back to the community that raised me.”