Post Season Looms for Fishermen


Michael F. Lattof

Gloucester’s Terrance Lane brings down Marblehead’s Brooks Tyrell in last weeks’ game.

John Salvi-Souza, Sports Writer

As The Fishermen enter their last two game stretch with only one victory, they are hungry for a win.

With a new playoff system that started last year, they still have a chance to be seventh or eighth seed in the playoff berth. These next two games are crucial for the 1-4 Fishermen.

The new playoff system is a lot more complex than it has been. In the past, a team’s record was wiped clean in the regular season when they start conference play.

When MIAA changed the playoff system in the 2013 season, it gave teams a greater chance to become contenders in postseason action.

The new system works as more of a point system. The basic point system states that a team earns 10 points from beating another team. As the season goes on, the victorious team gets 3 points for every win that the defeated team gets throughout the season.

At the end of the season the points add up.  The more points a team gets the higher seed it will be in the conference standings.

With two games left in the season, that leaves at least 20 points on the line for the Fishermen to gain. Tied for a seventh or eighth seed position, they need to gain points or else they will drop out of the running for postseason berth.

It is time for The Fishermen to step up and turn their season around.