Library open for both lunches after aide position restored


Skye Jackson

(from left) Asha Egmont, Isabella Giordano, and Haley Weed enjoy lunch in the Library Learning Commons

SKYE JACKSON, Staff Writer

Students who want to escape the chaos of the cafeteria are happy to learn the Library Learning Commons is once again open for the entire school day, and for both lunches.

Last year, after the library aide position was cut, the library was closed during one lunch, all of D block, and ran limited after school hours.  This year, the position was restored and Ms. Feener is back behind the library desk. 

“The cafeteria can be very loud and overwhelming and if you have the library to go to, you are going to be in a much calmer and quieter space to get your work done,” said Sophomore Elise Amaral. 

“It’s really helpful,” said sophomore Olivia Hogan-Lopez said who regularly eats lunch in the library. “It’s a nice, quiet space I can work in, while feeling comfortable.” 

Another advantage to restored library hours is students have more access to technology. 

“Not only did it affect me during lunch, it also impacted my learning in school,” said Junior Cameron Muniz. “My Chromebook broke, and I went to the library over three times in a day and they weren’t there, or they wouldn’t let me in. It took me a whole day to get a loaner Chromebook, when it should have taken five minutes. Because I didn’t have my Chromebook I couldn’t participate in my classes that day because I didn’t have the proper technology.”

“Two people means that we can help more students and help students faster,” said Library teacher Samantha Texiera. “The more the library is open, the more access to resources and the more they can access the help they can get. We are able to help students with almost everything: from job applications, to SAT things.”

Students who want to eat lunch in the library must bring a home lunch, and need a signed Compass.  Cafeteria lunch is not allowed due to policy restrictions. 

“For students who receive free and reduced lunch,  federal guidelines say they need to be monitored during lunch to ensure they receive all of the nutritional components of that meal,” said Texiera. “Since there is only one person in the library during lunch, we may not be able to monitor that space. But we encourage students to come to the library after.” 

Mrs. Texiera and Ms.Feener said they are available as a resource even when students can’t be in the library. Email with questions or concerns: [email protected] and [email protected].

Library hoursMondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays  7:00 a.m-2:15p.m, and 7:20 a.m.-3:00 p.m. on Wednesdays