Golf team hits season turnaround after two consecutive wins


Dawn Enos

Gloucester golf team hopes to improve its season after two consecutive wins


The Fishermen finally broke their seven game losing streak after Thursday’s win against Lynn English, and Monday’s win against Saugus. 

The three-manned team of Lynn English matched up against Gloucester’s Tommy Elliott, Cameron Muniz and Michael Calomo at Gannon Municipal Golf Course in Lynn. Elliott and Calomo were able to win by substantial amounts allowing Muniz to get by with a tie. The teams were unfortunately rained out after only six holes. The final score of the match was 11.5 to 5.5.

Monday, Gloucester played extremely well against the Sachems at Bass Rocks with an astonishing win of 52-20. All players won or tied their individual matches with Tommy Elliott, Matthew Taormina, Dylan Orlando and Cameron Muniz winning seven points or more. This win is the Fishermen’s biggest one this year points wise.

But the team did suffer three losses last week. They lost an evenly played game to Rockport at Rockport’s home course,then fell to Swampscott with no individual wins. At Bass Rocks, Lynn Classical narrowly pulled off a victory against Gloucester. 

Last Monday’s game against Rockport was a tough fight, but Rockport’s experienced team battled through to win 132-94. Rockport Golf Club hosts a “stableford” game of play. This system works where scoring two above par on a hole grants you one point, a bogie gets you two points, par awards 4 points, a birdie receives 6 points and two under par gets 10 points. All individual matches between the teams stayed narrow, but the individual wins for Rockport added up, and got them the win. 

Swampscott has been known for having an outstanding golf team, and it showed against Gloucester last Tuesday. The teams met at Tedesco Golf Club in Marblehead. Again no players won any individual matches, and the margins for Swampscott’s wins were too great for it to be a close match. Swampscott defeated the Fishermen 51.5-20.5. 

Home field advantage wasn’t enough for the Fishermen to get a win against Lynn Classical. Gloucester was up by a single point near the end of the match, but their seven and eight spot losses gave Lynn Classical the win at 42-30. Jack Delaney, Matthew Taormina and Tommy Elliott were the three players of Gloucester to win a match. 

Coach Dave Gilliss views this season as more of a rebuilding year.

“We need to improve as much as we can throughout the season but mainly get the players more experience of match play golf because most guys are coming back,” said Gilliss. 

Gloucester golf now stands 3-8 on the season.

The Fishermen have two more matches this week, playing Danvers at New Meadows Golf Club today, and at home again playing Marblehead on Thursday.