New wave of art hits third floor


Emily Palk

Natasha Baumgaertel’s and Julia Amero’s recreation of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

SKYE JACKSON, Staff Writer

Students with classes on the third floor will find the dreary colorless stairwell has been transformed by an inspiring piece of art.

GHS juniors Natasha Baumgaertel and Julia Amero painted a recreation of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai, as well as an inverted version of it. The two worked on the mural over the course of three months for their art class last spring.

They were offered the space by art teacher Lorinda Cerrutti as a way to leave a lasting impression on the school  “They were in my Studio Art 1 class, they were more advanced than that, their ability surpassed the class,” said Cerrutti.

“We were originally going to do a mix of famous styles, but with the time given we decided to go with something simple but still pushed us out of our comfort zones.” said Amero. “ Recreating that upside down was something that pushed us.”

“I was surprised that so many people were excited to see something new and pretty in the hall. It never occurred to me that people would enjoy seeing art in the halls,” Cerrutti said.

This year she wants the art club to do more murals around the school.