What to expect from the Fishermen this fall

ELISE AMARAL, Staff Writer

Football season is right around the corner with their first away game against Revere on Friday, September 13th, at 6:30PM.

The Gloucester Fisherman have undertaken rigorous conditions since they last played in November for the annual Thanksgiving match. 

This year the Fisherman have a new head coach; Danny O’Connor. O’Connor had lead a committed group of students in the months leading up to the season. 

“For me as a former player and a Gloucester guy, I’m excited to lead the team,” said O’Connor. “It’s a hard working group of kids who want to be a team and I think that mentality will lead them to a successful future.” 

Along with practicing five days a week, the team has scrimmaged against Winthrop High School and KIPP Academy in Lynn in order to warm up for competition to come. 

Many players have returned from last season, and some new faces have joined from the freshman class.

“Graduating seniors are planning on playing their best in the games, some of them including Daylon Lark, Harry Marshall, and Evan Smith,” said O’Connor. “Our line players are also expecting to play a great season, some of which are Lawrence Scola, Ben Reynolds, both of whom are seniors, and sophomore Anthony Simonelli.”

Team captain Jacob Enos expects a challenging season, but is optimistic about both his team and their performance for the season.

“I feel like we have some challenges ahead of us, and some tough games, and if we put in enough work we can make it. If we all put in the work we can make it happen,” said Enos.

To learn more about the players, check out the 2019 roster here: