Schools told to cut spending… again


DANIELLE DENMAN, Staff Writer, Editor

Once again, this year Gloucester School officials will not be permitted the entirety of the $43.7 million dollars requested to fund the school system next year. 

This year, Gloucester Public Schools has been operating on a budget of $41.9 million, which was a $900,000 increase from the previous year. However, this still did not meet the amount they had requested, so the school committee had to cut about $454,000 from its budget. For GHS, that meant staff positions and entire programs were cut, such as the culinary program, an English teacher, and the library aide position. 

The loss of the library aide position at GHS this year has drastically reduced student access to library services, such as study areas, research materials, loaner Chromebooks, technology and leisure space.

The proposed budget includes restoring the library aide position at GHS, and adding a teacher for English Language Learners. Without an agreement nearing the requested budget, not only will Gloucester not be able to rehire these positions, but others may also be at risk of being cut.

GHS Principal James Cook is thankful for those who are willing to listen to the budget proposal, and says it involves all things GHS will need.

“I appreciate that the school committee recognizes the importance of funding positions and programs in the budget the school has presented,” said Cook. “This budget is what allows the school to meet students needs.”

This year’s figure represents a $1.8 million increase from last year’s budget. There is still time before the entire city and school budget is finalized, and it may change multiple times before it is presented by mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken on May 1st.

Until then, to keep updated on the progression of the school budget, the Gloucester School Committee is holding meetings involving a discussion of the budget and possible changes.


What: School Committee Meeting

When: Wednesday, April 10th, at 7:00 PM

Where: 2 Blackburn Drive.