The Snack Shack is back


Caroline Muniz

The new snack shop menu features more healthful options


Students who are tired of the endless line at the vending machine may be happy to learn the snack shop has reopened.

After nearly a year of negotiating, the school committee will allow the shop to be open, three days a week for 15 minutes per lunch period.

Last May, the snack shop was permanently closed for the remainder of the 2018-19 school year due to concerns that it was competing with the cafeteria, and those running it were not following health food standards.

This meant that the class of 2019 lost a major fundraising opportunity that had been available to many past classes. The seniors were left unprepared for the sudden shut down.

In the 2017-2018 school year, the snack shop made around $100 a day in profits. The class of 2019 has lost about $5,000 because of the store closure. Those dollars helped offset costs of senior year events.

Since May, senior student council members have been negotiating with the school committee to reopen the shop.

“Many student council members began the process of researching, meeting, proposing plans to the school committee and Dr. Safier and Mr. Bach,” said class of 2019 adviser Ms. Francis, “but Liz Schuster was the driving force and leader in getting the store approved again.

”I feel that it’s a huge victory for the seniors and myself,” said Schuster. “When I was elected executive president, one of my missions was to gain the store back for the student body.  Doing so, I believe I’ve done my part and left something I can be [remembered for].”

A plaque will be placed above the snack shop commemorating Schuster as a tribute to her role played in the revival of the snack shop.

The student council is on a probation period where any wrongdoing, such as selling lollipops, will result in the revocation of shop privileges.